Gerber Flik Fish Ultimate Fisherman's Knife

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The ultimate multi-tool for serious fishermen!


When you've landed the big one, fumbling for tools isn't easy. Enter the new Flik Fishing Tool. With a flik-of-the-wrist the long needle-nose pliers deploy quickly, keeping one hand free for more important tasks. Remove hooks in a snap, or sharpen them with the included file. This tool is packed with implements like flip-out scissors, which means you can leave all those other toys back in that clunky tackle-box.




  • Groove for sharpening hooks
  • Long pliers make for easy hook removal
  • Scissors cut 150 lb. fishing line




  • Crimpers
  • Longhook removing pliers
  • Pinch cutters for cutting hooks
  • Carbide coated hook sharpening file with hook sharpening grooves
  • Scissors-on-board
  • Saw



Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty

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