Keep Alive KA 1100 Portable Aerator

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The KA1100 is our largest KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusor.


The KeepAlive system is uniquely designed to draw external air into the livewell, and chop the air into micro-fine bubbles which are then mixed with the water to create oxygen levels that will have your livebait in top condition all day. Use the optional KA300 Air Control Valve to permanently mount the KA500 into your portable livewell or cooler, and then adjust the water-flow/air mixture. At the fully open position (with maximum air), the water flow is reduced and is perfect for stationary fish like bream.

The three silicone suction cups will attach to any smooth flat surface, and are perfect for mounting the KA500 to the bottom of a cooler box or permanent baitwell. The KA1100 comes complete with Rule® 1100 pump, filter, and battery connections. Operates on 12 volts dc. Suitable for maintaining up to 20kg of live the largest live wells or permanent holding tanks


Pro Tip - The oxygen carrying capacity of water deteriorates as the water gets warmer. To keep your live bait in top condition while fishing on the Zambezi, drop a chunk of ice from your drinks cooler into your livewell every hour or so.

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