Keep Alive KA 1100 RK Permanent Livewell Recirculating Kit

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The KeepAlive KA1100RK Permanent Livewell Recirculating Kit includes:


  • Pump with patented KeepAlive processor.
  • Air Control Center.
  • Steel Mesh Strainer.
  • Directional Discharge.



Operates on 12 volts dc.

Our KA1100RK KeepAlive┬« Oxygen Infusor ┬« Recirculating Kits, are the ideal systems for keeping bait and catch alive when trailering home, overnight, when moving to another fishing site, or returning to the tournament weigh-in station. 


Operates on 12 volts dc.

Suitable for maintaining up to 20kg of live the largest live wells or permanent holding tanks


Pro Tip - The oxygen carrying capacity of water deteriorates as the water gets warmer. To keep your live bait in top condition while fishing on the Zambezi, drop a chunk of ice from your drinks cooler into your livewell every hour or so.

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