Tiger Frenzy - Mojito - Size 4.5 (Scaled)

Product no.: TF-Mojito-45

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Tiger Frenzy Spinner

Colour: Mojito - Scaled

Size: 4.5

Weight: 0.7 oz / 20g

Trokar Hook Size: 5/0

This Tiger Frenzy spinner is desined with a willow blade to allow it to be fished deep, right where Tigerfish hunt. The blade has a unique embossed scale pattern, making it even more irresistable to Tigerfish. All metal components are either pure brass or stainless steel. The shaft of the spinner uses a heavier than usual guage steel to avoid kinking and bending during the fight. Tiger Frenzy lures are made with Trokar Hooks, widely accepted to be the sharpest hooks available today.

Pro Tips : Use this spinner straight out of the box. No upgrades to hooks etc are required as this spinner has been designed and manufactured for 1 reason only....to catch Tigerfish!

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