Trokar TK97 Wacky Worm Hook

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TroKar TK97 Wacky Worm Hook

Specification: Forged heavy wire, wide gap, up eye

Forget everything you knew about hooks. The rules just changed. TroKar hooks apply a patented hook sharpening technology, unrivaled in the fishing industry. It allows TroKar to customise point shapes and adjust grind angles based on fishing technique, gap and even wire diameter.

In tests comparing the sharpness of TroKar hooks against other leading hooks, the surgically sharpened Trokar hooks consistently pierced the test medium with half the pressure required for other hooks.

Available Sizes: #2; #1; 1/0; 2/0

Pack Size: #2 - 9; #1 - 8; 1/0 - 8; 2/0 - 7


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